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iOS 14.3 just changed App shortcuts forever, and for the better.

App Shortcuts have taken the world by storm, again, thanks to iOS 14.3 that brings some exciting news that will make customizing your apps even more irresistible. And could even help save your life.

Need help updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS?

If you are new to App shortcuts, or just recently discovered them, here are the top three drawbacks to using shortcuts to customize your iPhone home screen.

  1. Long set up time/re-setup time.

  2. No notification badges

  3. Redirect from the shortcuts app.

Apple has eliminated number 3 on this list of drawbacks, in iOS 14. You no longer need to wait for a redirect to start using the app. This is an important change that completely changes the user's experience with App shortcuts. Even to the point of potentially helping to save someone's life in an emergency.

Let's put the importance of this fix into perspective. First, you must understand what it was like to experience the redirect on older versions of iOS 14.

Let's say, for example, you wished to check the latest photos on your instagram feed. First, you would select the Instagram app on your iPhone home screen, which would open the Shortcuts App. Then, after a second or so, you would be redirected to the Instagram app.

Occasionally, the wait time would be a little bit longer or a little shorter than a second. Though either way, it would take longer to get to Instagram when using an App shortcut when compared to using the default app.

If this happens in a life-threatening situation where you needed to call emergency services, you would have to wait while you were redirected from the Shortcuts App to the Phone App before you could make the call.

This is why iOS 14.3 is so important for iPhone users who customize their home screens with App shortcuts. Although It may only fix perhaps the least annoying of the drawbacks, it does fix the most important one. Not to mention you can now open Instagram quicker.

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